XhibitNet is an exhibit design firm specializing in deeply engaging interactive museum experiences, online apps, and multimedia exhibits for science centers, history and art museums, aquariums, and citizen science projects. We revel in the creative, innovative exploration of visitor behavior and interactions with smart technology and social media.

With XhibitNet on your team, you benefit from our ongoing experiments with promising new approaches to guided inquiry, autonomous exploration, and user-generated content. We’ll push bounds and innovate with you to inspire deeper learning in your community.


We collaborate with major science research institutes, botanical gardens, national libraries, science centers and Fortune 500 corporations to develop custom technology solutions and inspiring experiences for their diverse audiences.

Harvard Smithsonian Black Holes Exhibit

Exhibit technology “proved to be the highlight of the BHEG project.” Project details & Goodman Research report.

Dynamic Home Energy Use Website

White House recognition for website that helps students save electricity in Maine homes. Project details & news story.

Digital & Live Marine Species Exhibit

LabVenture X-Fish experience takes students on science deep dive. Project details & National Academies article.

Botany & Conservation App
Conservation Learning Network

Students hone critical skills in science & history in networked challenges. Project details & curriculum guide.

Abbe Museum Places of the Dawnland interactive kiosk
Interactive Stories & Maps Kiosks

Kiosks for visualizing & interacting with difficult stories, hot issues, and vibrant culture. Project details.

Tracking Forest Change Over Time
Tracking Forest Change Over Time

Professionals & students tracking and mapping how Maine forests are changing. Project details.

Multiplayer Resource Economics Game

Gamified lobster-fishing resource economics simulation at Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Project details.

Vital Signs Citizen Validated Data Site
Citizen Science Validated Data Site

Invasive species field data collection, mapping and analysis for Maine students and scientists. Project details.


We help you achieve the specific engagement, learning and action outcomes you want. Establishing clear goals and measurable outcomes gets our collaborative process started. Then comes a unique mix of research, content, and tech steps that are right for your project:

  • Gaining insights on audience and early design concepts through behavioral observations, and front-end formative probes
  • Further iterating the concept, design and storyline through secondary research
  • Generating and compiling rich multi-media content assets
  • Exploring, selecting, and testing the right mix of technology
  • Scripting and scaffolding the learning/doing process
  • Prototyping, collecting and analyzing data, critically reviewing and revising
  • Building with open technology
  • Launching a well-tested experience and robust technology stream
  • Watching, collecting data, and learning from what happens next


Let’s talk about your exhibit design, learning platform, or citizen science project!